Comprehensive Ranking System for Immigration to Canada:

The Canadian Immigration process for skilled migration is a points-based system. The system used to calculate an applicant’s points is called the Comprehensive Ranking System which takes a few main categories into account. The main categories prescribe points for the applicants age, qualifications such as Degrees and Diplomas, full time paid working experience and English and or French language speaking proficiency. Applicants can also claim extra points for having a direct family member living in Canada as a Permanent Resident or Citizen, getting an invitation from a Province or if they receive a valid job offer accompanied by a labour market impact assessment applied for by the prospective employer.

Invitation rounds occur throughout the year usually with two rounds on average per month. The rounds invite applicants from a specific CRS cut off each round. The cut off number does fluctuate depending on how many applicants have entered or exited the pool.

For a free assessment of your eligibility and potential points score please click on the link below.