South Africa

south africa

South Africa is the most developed economy in Africa, the rainbow nation suffers from great skills shortages which has become a crisis for companies and Government because they are desperately short of skilled labour to drive productivity. This situation is a massive opportunity for skilled people and foreign investors to take advantage of an economy which to a large extent is free of competition because there simply isn’t enough skilled people to compete with each other in the market place.
Compass Migration assists skilled individuals and companies to take advantage of the current climate by processing the relevant visas for individuals and employees of multinational companies so they can enjoy an economy desperate for their skills and input.
Worth noting is that all foreign nationals who have completed studies at a South African University in a field listed as a Critical Skills Shortage, qualify for Permanent Residency Status. Please leave us an enquiry by clicking the free assessment link below.

Visa categories:
Financially Independent Visa
Critical Skills Visa
Intra-Company Transfer Visa
General Work Visa
Retired Persons Visa
Section 11 (2) Visa (short term work visa)
Medical Treatment Visa
Visit Visa Extension
Student Visa
Spousal Visa
Relatives Visa
Permanent Residency Status