South Africa

South Africa Visas

Compass Migration processes all visas for South Africa from visit visas to permanent residency. Our processing times are fast and our Case Management is friendly and reliable.

Visas for South Africa have to be 110% correct and fail proof in order to make sure your application is successful so let our experienced team provide a smooth and hassle free service.

South African Work Visas Permits

Critical Skills Visa
General Work Visa
Section 11 (2) short stay working visa
Intra-Company Transfer visa
Business Visa
Spousal Visa with working rights
Life Partner visa with working rights
Volunteers visa

Family Visas

Family visas include accompanying spouse/life partner visas and relative’s visas for 1st level kinship. These visas are issued for a period of 2 years.

Spousal Visa
Life Partner visa
Relatives visa

Visit Visas

Tourist visa
Visit visa extension
Long visit visa
Medical visit visa

Permanent Residence

We process permanent residency for applicants who qualify for it under the following fields:

Critical skills visa holders who are full time employed and have at least 5 years’ experience in their field of expertise
General Work Visa holders who have been on a General Work Visa for at least 5 years
Spousal Visa holders who have been married to their South African spouse for at least 5 years
Life Partner Visa holders who have been on their Life Partner Visa for at least 5 years
Asylum holders who have been on Asylum for at least 5 years
Retirement Visa holders who earn at least R 37000.00 per month from retirement annuity or property rental income
Financially Independent individuals who have a net worth of at least R 12 000 000.00
Business Visa holders

Permanent residency application can take 6-18 months to process. Compass Migration will ensure a hassle free successful application done in the shortest time possible.

Retirement Visa

The retirement visa is issued to those who wish to retire in sunny South Africa.

The basic requirement is a monthly income from retirement annuity and or rental properties amounting to R 37 000.00 per month. If the client has a lump sum the visa can also be granted for a limited period of time.

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