Skilled South Africans are leaving by the thousands.

The general unemployment rate in South Africa has now surpassed 40%, youth unemployment is over 60% and all indicators are that the plague of unemployment which has been manufactured by State policy will only get worse. The government has persistently pursued its policy of centralized planning which has decimated most sectors. The latest data shows the destruction of the manufacturing sector which now boasts less employment than it did in 1969. Increased State spending and the exorbitant salaries paid to State employees at the expense of the already overburdened taxpayer are all contributing factors driving mass emigration of skilled South Africans who are fed up with trying to succeed against an onslaught of hyper-taxation, high-interest rates, and high levels of inflation.

The latest civil unrest which was possibly the biggest looting session in the world was the last straw for many South Africans who were thinking of making the move abroad. What was highlighted was the fact that the unemployment rates, shrinking tax base matched with the unsustainable State wage bill is creating the inevitable. The country is most certainly heading towards complete economic collapse in the near future. Economists from various think tanks have pinned the collapse to between 2025 and 2030 if immediate policy reforms do not take place. In response, the State has instead continued to pursue even more drastic economy-killing policies which have at least provided certainty in the fact that South Africa will likely delve deeper into centralized planning which will result in more misery.

Most people now know someone or a family within their immediate social group which has emigrated or is busy going through the process. Tenant rates among properties traditionally leased by young professionals have plummeted, each empty apartment represents a skilled professional who has migrated. Many family homes have hit the market selling for below prime also representing entire families who have either already left or who are in the final stages of their flight. Some schools of thought see this mass migration as positive as it opens up the doors for new groups to fill the vacuum but in reality the colossal loss of human capital in many respects will never be able to be replaced. Either way the mass vacuum will create opportunities for some while many more will find great prosperity abroad.

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