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Trades: tradesman such as plumbers, electricians, fitters, mechanics and boilermakers are in high demand in Australia. If you have at least 3 years’ experience after you have qualified, then you will qualify.

Engineers: If you have a Degree and experience then both Australia and Canada are options for you, Australia also has an engineer’s graduate programme for graduate engineers who have a Washington Accord recognised qualification.

I.T professionals: If you have at least a one-year qualification in an I.T subject then you can explore both Australia and Canada as both countries have a shortage of I.T professionals.

Teachers: secondary school, foundation phase and special needs teachers are in high demand in Australia.

There are many professions not mentioned above that are also on the skills shortage list that we would be happy to assess for you for free so please contact us if you are serious about migrating abroad and securing your families future. Both countries provide free schooling, medical care and state pension for Permanent Residents along with many other benefits. Please click on the link below to start your free assessment


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