Canada’s Federal Express Entry Program

Canada, like many other leading countries, is currently facing a shortage of Skilled Workers and Professionals in their workforce. This leaves many gaps in their working industry. Canada is currently one of the most economically stable and secure countries worldwide, therefore, they have been selected a favourite amongst skilled professionals for global migration.

The Canadian Government has allowed a vast number of migrants into Canada over the past few years and they are looking at continuously increasing this is why the Government have put together the Federal Express Entry Program.

This program is based on the Canadian Skills Shortage List, your occupation needs to be listed amongst the shortages, you will need to have a relevant education level and pass the points assessment, which is based on your professional profile. The Express Entry program leads to Permanent Residency status in Canada and eventually Canadian Citizenship.



As a professional Immigration Company, we conduct a FREE Skills Assessment for all applicants, to ensure you meet the standards of what Canada is currently looking for. Once we verify that you meet the requirements, we will be in a position to assist you with your application and we will provide you with a full breakdown of what the entire process entails.

At Compass Migration, we pride ourselves in integrity and transparency, this puts us and our clients in a position to move ahead with the immigration process without any hesitation or delays.

The Canadian Immigration team we have put in place is up to date with all immigration legislation and changes that occur, which puts us a step ahead and allows us to be fully prepared during the process. We are also happy to boast a 100% success rate, so know you will be in good hands.



Once you come on board with us, you will have a dedicated Canadian Case Manager who will be dealing with your application, from the word “go”, until you have your visas in your hands.

For any questions or to conduct your FREE assessment, you can get hold of us on email or telephone.


Telephone: +27- 21- 012-5133



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    I need your assistance to go to Canada.

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      HI Edmund

      I will get one of our immigration consultants to contact you

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