Canada Launches Global Skills Visa Program

Technology companies in Canada are experiencing a severe shortage of skilled professionals.

Not only are there not enough Skilled Canadians to fill these rolls, but at the moment there is a higher rate of seniors than children in Canada so the need to bring in foreign-born workers has increased tremendously.

What these technology companies have experienced is a process whereby they interview candidates for positions, however, the visa process takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months at minimum due to a Labour Market Impact Assessment that needs to be completed prior to applying for the candidate’s visa, in this time, companies have lost potential employees as they have found alternative employment. This has created greater gaps in the working industry and an inability for companies to fill highly skilled positions.

For the next 24 months, Canada is running a pilot program called the Global Skills Visa Program which will allow for companies to offer positions to candidates that meet the highly skilled occupations list, there will be Labour Market Benefits Plan conducted whereby the employer shows that they have attempted to fill the role locally and once that has been lodged, the process is estimated to take only 2 weeks on average.

This significant decrease in processing times will allow for companies to fill these highly needed roles and for candidates to have an opportunity to work in Canada and to start earning Canadian Dollars, bearing in mind that these roles are highly coveted and so are the salary expectations.

See below the occupations that fall under the GLOBAL TALENT OCCUPATIONS LIST extracted from

*5241: Position requires a minimum of 5 years of industry experience and skills requirements including: 3D modelling, virtual and augmented reality; animation; level editing, editor and pipeline software and tools in applicable industry (for example, Unreal 3.0); and/or Experience in planning and managing a project.

One of the most common places for employers to seek foreign workers will be through the Canadian Job Bank, where your professional profile will be listed for potential employers to provide invitations to potential employees, in order for your profile to be made available on the Job Bank will be by entering into the Federal Express Entry Program.

You will need to meet the points requirements, which means that only highly skilled and experienced candidates will be processed.

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